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A Living Legend.. Iggy Pop
A Living Legend.. Iggy Pop

A Living Legend.. Iggy Pop

I decided to make a GIF for the Punk icon and legend, the founder and front man of “The Stooges,” who were arguably the first and most influential Punk band ever to exist, James Newell Osterberg Jr. aka Iggy Pop!

Sine there aren’t many quality videos out there of his days in The Stooges, I decided to use his music video of his solo song “The Passenger.”

Little known fact about this song: David Bowie originally sang the backup vocals.

To create this GIF, I followed a few simple steps that I’ll walk you through below.

Step 1

In your web browser go to Once you’re there, you will need to sign up for an account or login. (I’ll also include a video at the bottom in case I missed something).

Step 2

Once you’re logged in, you can use the YouTube to GIF option. You will need to copy and paste the URL from the YouTube video into the block. Once you’ve done that, it will bring you to this page, where you can trim and edit the length and speed of your GIF. When you’re finished, click Continue to Publishing in the lower right corner.

Step 3

From here, you can download and get the link to your new GIF. Enjoy!

Here is the video for more help.


  1. Hi David! I really like the GIF that you made. I may link your tutorial on my WP blog if you allow because you definitely did it a lot easier than I did! From reading your blog title, I thought you meant Iggy Azalea… hahaha, definitely showing my age!! How often do you think you’d make GIF’s having the resources to do it? One of the worst things about media I feel is that once you learn it, you don’t use it until necessary. It’s like having a skill you don’t continue to grow. I struggle with this alot, if you have any tips or if you’re the same, let’s chat!

    1. Feel free to link to anything on my page if you think it will be helpful. I’ve been on an old punk rock kick for a while, so it all goes back to Iggy Pop. Although I’m sure Iggy Azalea is a legend of her own, as well. I had to quickly learn how to make GIFs to post things on my kids’ school’s PTSO social media page. Outside of that, I haven’t messed with it much. Thanks for the comment.

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  3. I also made a GIF of an older artist and had the same issue with quality videos. Even if they are listed as 1080p they are still often actually lower quality. In my opinion, though, GIFs aren’t that great quality due to the file format, so it really doesn’t matter. That being said, I think the fact that it is a B&W video helps it look better because the color in GIFs can be super lossy. Also, I have never used this website before to make a GIF, but it seems pretty good. The UI also looks remarkably similar to the Adobe software, which is what I used, which I think is pretty interesting.

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