Becoming an Adultier Adult
David Getting Ready
David Getting Ready

David Getting Ready

Hey, everyone. Have you been wondering how I get these movie star looks everyday? Well, I wanted to take you all on a quick journey to show you all the hard work that goes into looking this good everyday.

As you’ll see, I cover all of the basics each morning: showering, getting dressed, brushing my teeth, shaving, attempting to style my hair, getting frustrated, and ultimately throwing on my favorite hat. My kids call it my “Grandpa hat,” but I don’t take style advice from teenaged boys in Thrasher T-shirts and sweatpants.


To create this video, I recorded all of the clips on my iPhone. Lesson learned: I should’ve recorded all of the clips horizontally to avoid the black bars on the sides.

I imported all of the clips into the iMovie app, which is also on my iPhone. I started by choosing a theme, which automatically added the background music. I trimmed down the clips to make them shorter because you really don’t need to watch two minutes of me shaving to get the point. I added the movie title at the beginning and the credits at end using the iMovie text feature. I used the Gravity text style for the title and the Slide style for the credits. Finally, I exported the video to my phone and uploaded it to YouTube.

It’s pretty straight forward, but here is a tutorial of how to use iMovie. There is also a Help feature within the app itself. I’ve also included a screenshot of my project as I was adding the credits.

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