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Moon Graffiti
Moon Graffiti

Moon Graffiti

In the Moon Graffiti episode of The Truth Podcast, we hear a hypothetical scenario of the moon landing. They started the episode with alarms and stressed voices over a radio to emphasize the urgency of the situation. We hear the crackling of the radio transmissions and people talking.

Through the voices and the use of sound, we realize that we’re listening to the lunar landing of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Throughout the podcast, whenever Armstrong or Aldrin speak, it sounds as if they are talking through a radio. This gives the impression that we are in mission control listening to the events unfold. We hear something about it being “rocky,” and there is a countdown happening. Then we hear what we assume is the crash landing of the module.

After a brief silence, we are left wondering what happened until we finally hear a man’s voice giving a speech about the two astronauts who have perished on their journey to the moon. The narrator of the story begins talking at this point and explains that this was a real speech written in case this event unfolded and the President needed to address the nation. The person they had give the speech sounded like it would if we were listening on an old TV. The narrator, however, sounds like he was recorded using modern equipment. They did a good job of making the sound accurate to the time period as if we were listening to recordings of something that actually happened.


  1. Evan Guard

    I love how you state why they had the speech part in the audio! It adds to the verry real possibility as to what could have happened with the moon landing if it had failed.

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