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The Story of The Deep
The Story of The Deep

The Story of The Deep

By now many of us are familiar with the popular documentary series on Prime Video “The Boys.” This series takes us on a behind the scenes look at The Seven, a group of superheroes, who work for Vought International. While taking viewers along on their crime fighting journey, the series reveals many ugly secrets about the inner workings of The Seven. 

One of these scandals is of the sexual misconduct of the superhero known as The Deep. Before his dismissal from the group, there was a lot of turmoil when he was publicly criticized for sexual assault of another member of The Seven. After an outcry for justice from the public, Vought International CEO shipped him off to Sandusky, Ohio, where he was stripped of all stardom and was seemingly doomed to live the rest of his life out in a small apartment without the glory and legitimacy he was seeking. He was eventually brought back into the spotlight as a member of The Seven again, but viewers still remember his prior bad behavior.

Although The Deep is a scummy superhero, there is another side to to him that the show has never taken seriously. From a young age, we know he has been able to communicate with aquatic creatures. He tells the story about hearing the goldfish in a pet store pleading for their lives. Throughout the highs and lows of The Deep’s superhero career, there has been one constant good: advocacy for the stewardship of our oceans and waterways.  

The Deep grew up in rural Stafford County, Virginia. As a child he had easy access to the Rappahannock River from the property his family owned. His family describes how he would spend all of his time down in the river conversing with the fish. This became a problem as he grew older because he didn’t have any human friends or interests. He would rather talk to a largemouth bass than a girl from his school. 

In his teenage years, he got into trouble due to his teenage angst and his personal relationship with the aquatic animals. The Deep would become infuriated at people if they dropped trash into the river, even if it was an accident. If someone was in a boat he would swim below them and tip the boat and would often get into fights with people fishing from the shore. 

The Deep tipping a kayaker on the river.

After being brought into The Seven, The Deep wasn’t taken seriously as a conservationist. This is probably due to his lack of interpersonal skills and his treatment of women. However, the Public Relations department at Vought did allow him to use his platform to get involved with a smaller organization. The Deep decided to partner with Friends of the Rappahannock and bring attention to the waterways of his childhood home. 

While none of the work that he has done with Friends of the Rappahannock has made amends for the horrible suffering he has caused to the women he’s encountered, at least not every aspect of The Deep is horrible. Somewhere in that twisted brain of his, there is someone who cares about the Earth’s oceans and waterways and all the creatures that live there. I would like to think that if a person is capable of caring that much about something like that, then they are capable of caring about humans, as well. At least, that’s what the PR department at Vought has been pushing pretty hard. 

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