Becoming an Adultier Adult
I think I’m getting the hang of this… maybe?
I think I’m getting the hang of this… maybe?

I think I’m getting the hang of this… maybe?

I started the class late due to a Canvas issue, so I was coming into this assignment already behind. It took me the better part of a day to setup my domain, blog, and all of the social media accounts. The instructions were straight forward enough, but since I am not technologically savvy, it was challenging for me. The biggest obstacle was maintaining privacy due to my profession. I also had some trouble updating avatars for some of the accounts, but I figured that out.

My multimodal introduction blog post was a quick reality check to the learning curve that I’m facing. I had trouble embedding URLs because it was difficult to find the direct link to each item I wanted to embed, but somehow I figured it out. As long as I can replicate the steps next time, I will say that I learned it. I am still trying to figure out why my posts are showing up as posted by “admin” instead of my username. I need to do more research to figure this out. I didn’t embed all of the social media accounts because they’re linked the the blog post above.

I have mixed feelings about customizing the blog. I was attempting to do this from the iOS app at first, and I wasn’t making much progress. Once I logged on from a computer and found the themes setting, this process was much easier. Adding the plugins was easy but time consuming. I plan to do more customizing as the course goes on. My biggest challenge is the firewall on my work computer, which I wasn’t anticipating to be an issue for my classes. I don’t have a very good personal computer, so I expect I’ll need to invest in one sooner than later.

I enjoyed my first Daily Create assignment tdc3779. Unfortunately it was late because of the aforementioned Canvas issue. I’m confused if I was supposed to do the ones prior to May 18th.

I also enjoyed checking out everyone else’s blogs and commenting on other posts here and here.

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