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Week 2 summary
Week 2 summary

Week 2 summary

This week started off pretty rough for me. The “Vignelli Canon” was a tough read to say the least. As the week progressed, things started to click more and make sense as I was going through and learning about the elements of design. I found myself looking for them when I was out driving around or scrolling through my phone. Creating the GIFs was by far the most fun. I’ll probably make some more for future use. Besides the Vignelli assignment, I choose to do an icon project for one of my design assignments. I realize that I could have dropped that one and moved on to something different, but I have been accused of being stubborn in the past, and I guess I wouldn’t argue that. I don’t understand why this was so difficult for me. I probably should have used a different program, but time was not on my side. Also, as I’m writing this summary, I just realized that I was supposed to do five assignments adding up to twelve stars. Well, I only did four, but at least I did enough to add up to the 12 stars.

Read and Reflect on The Vignelli Canon

Complete a DesignBlitz

Do your Daily Creates

Complete five different design assignments of at least 12 stars. 

Are We There Yet? 4 Stars

Poetry Art & Design 4 Stars

Contradiction Creation 2 Stars

Carol Yeager’s Iconic You 2 Stars

2 animated GIF assignments

Favorite Musician GIF

Animals Doing Funny Things

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