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Week 3 Summary
Week 3 Summary

Week 3 Summary

This week it was tough to complete all of my assignments while on vacation. Even with the lousy internet at our campground, I got them all done. I certainly wouldn’t attempt to do a summer class during my only vacation of the year in the future.

The most challenging part of this week was finding the right program to edit the audio for my audio assignments. I started using a few different apps on my iPhone, but the features were limited without purchasing the premium versions. Finally, one of my kids recommended Soundtrap, the website they use for their music technology class in middle school. This program is free, unless you choose to pay for upgrades. Fortunately, all of the features I wanted to use (e.g., fade in/out, importing my own files, muting clips, increasing volume, etc.) are all included in the free version.

Once I got the hang of using Soundtrap, I enjoyed editing the clips for my audio assignments. The biggest problem I faced was that I spent way too much time on my first few audio assignments. It was a lot of fun riding around our campground recording sounds to use. I also really enjoyed adding sound effects to enhance my audio narration. It’s ridiculously easy to get hyper fixated on this process.

If I could do anything different this week, I would’ve said “good enough” less than halfway through each of my first two audio assignments. The star ratings on most of the assignments in all of the assignment banks so far have been deceptive and seem arbitrary. None of the star ratings have reflected the actual amount of effort required to complete them. Or maybe I put a lot more effort into them than was necessary.

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