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Week 5 and What I Learned
Week 5 and What I Learned

Week 5 and What I Learned

This week I was a little thrown off because I’m used to having everything due on Sunday. However, the course website said everything was due on July 22nd, so I tried to take some extra time and produce a better finished product. Looking back, I don’t know that there is much I would do differently throughout the last five weeks of this course other than to get ahead of the projects, don’t wait until the last couple days, etc. I would probably reconsider taking a vacation in the middle of the course, as well. That was tough!

My favorite project by far was the Photo Safari. I’ve always enjoyed photography and trying to get better at the craft. I’m by no means a photographer, but I can appreciate the art of capturing a good image. That project got me out of my house and out of my comfort zone by placing a time limit for me to find items in the scavenger hunt. 5 out of 5 stars, keep doing that project. A runner up for me were the GIFs I made. They are just fun. My kids and I still share my squirrel GIF in our group chat as running inside joke.

I will take some of the lessons I’ve learned in DS106 to apply to my personal life. I help run the PTSO Social Media page for my kids’ school, and now I feel like I have a few more tools in my toolshed to help create original content. Since I’m already in my career and it’s security-based, I don’t know how much of this I could use there, but who knows?

I made this story about the character The Deep from the show “The Boys” on Prime.

Here is my tutorial on how I made everything.

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